angel falls, real life inspiration for Disney's Up

1/12  Angel Falls, Venezuela

It turns out that Angel Falls is the inspiration behind Disney and Pixar's Paradise Falls in the film Up, not surprising at all considering it's the highest waterfall in the world. The Churum river teeters over the top and free falls for a gut-wrenching 979 metres. Due to the sheer height, with the feeling of the peak being in the clouds, you would assume that this is where the falls got their name from - it was in actual fact named after adventurous pilot, Jimmy Angel. He first laid his eyes on the waterfall in 1933 when he was searching for The Golden City. It wasn't until four years later that he retraced the journey and discovered the falls with an abrupt emergency landing on the top.

Why will Disney fans love it?

Their little ears will love to hear the heroic story of how Jimmy Angel landed on top of the falls, where his plane rested for 33 years. They'll find the parallel between Jimmy Angel landing his plane, and the main character of Up - Carl Fredrickson landing his house atop the waterfall amusing. If they could float away in a house, where would the wind take them?

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