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2/10  Go sailing round the British Virgin Islands

If the thought of sailing on crystal clear waters and dropping anchor at castaway islands is enough to make you misty-eyed with longing, it’s time you voyaged in the direction of the British Virgin Islands.

This paradise Caribbean archipelago is tucked off the east coast of Puerto Rico and only fifteen of the sixty islands are inhabited. The BVIs (as they’re known) are low-key, prefer to be discovered rather than invaded and don’t really go in for tourism. Nature does the work here and, judging by the coral reefs, swathes of white sand, remarkable rock formations, tropical forests and soaring mountains, she’s making a fine job of it so far. Towns are tiny, museums live in houses and the best restaurants are laid-back and beachside.

The BVIs are also one of the world’s best loved sailing destinations, keeper of several celebrated dive sites, top location for whale and dolphin watching, snorkelling heaven and blessed by tropical year-round temperatures of 29˚C tempered by cooling trade winds. Which makes them altogether perfect for a few days island hopping with your water babies. All you need is a private yacht, expert crew, a spirit of adventure and some deserted isles to explore and that’s easy enough to arrange in the BVIs.

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