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2/5  Green, clean, and great fun Costa Rica kayaking with kids

Silent, no-impact, green, clean and conservation-conscious kayaks are a great fit for Costa Rica, and take families just about anywhere from dramatic coasts to deep and mysterious mangrove swamps.

Serious navigational challenges to keep seasoned kayakers happy are well balanced by hundreds of smooth-sailing adventures, easily managed by first-timers. And, when it comes to spotting rare and elusive animals, shy birds, slippery reptiles, and jaw-dropping natural phenomena, absolutely nothing – not even two feet – beats kayaking in Costa Rica.

Good for families

  • Lake Arenal is great for kid-size kayaking. Expect calm waters, amazing volcano views, occasional glimpses of howler monkeys, and 100% certain sightings of exotic birds and fish, even on the shortest paddles.
  • Undemanding, guided sea-kayaking with masses of wildlife on the side makes for the best type of family adventure in Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Go for a night kayak tour of shimmering Rio Pacuare: the river’s bioluminescence is caused by algae, but looks much more magical than the science suggests. 

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