New York

Top seven NYC must-sees for teen tourists (and parents)

Last updated 30th May 2018

Effortlessly cool, stuffed with legends and basically, a movie set from end-to-end, no other city on earth is anywhere close to as awesome for teens as New York.  It’s also one of the few places in the world where most under 18s are more than happy to be total tourists; as long as they don’t have to queue too long.

Get the NYC CityPass and you avoid potential teen tantrums by skipping some of New York’s long ticket lines, plus you save a small fortune on admission to everything from The Empire State Building to Ellis Island.

Plenty of city sights are covered by CityPass, and the top six attractions come as a package with a massive total saving of up to 43% on standard ticket prices. There are loads of valuable extras included too, and every pass is valid for nine entire days – including the day of purchase – so you can see what you want to see, in your own sweet time.

Tempted to introduce teens to the wonders of NYC? Have a look at the city’s top seven sights, CityPass recommend for the pickiest tourists of all.

1/7 The Empire State Building

Native New Yorkers might argue about which landmark really defines their city; to everyone else, The Empire State Building is, and always has been, the New York icon of icons. It’s not the tallest building in the world, it isn’t even the world’s first skyscraper, but staring over Midtown from its 1050ft high observation deck is still the #1 must-do experience in NYC.

Bold teens can venture out on to the open-air walkway for 360˚ Manhattan panoramas, and views long enough to take in five separate States. Powerful binoculars are free to use, and The Empire State Building official guide app is free to download too, and packed with info on everything from technical details to intriguing urban legends.     

  • Included in the CityPass top six NYC attractions package.
  • Savings of up to 43% on admission.
  • Skip the main ticket queue after security checks.
  • Daytime admission to 86th floor Observatory.
  • Free same-day evening admission.
  • Free entry to Dare to Dream and Sustainability exhibitions.