Start of the affair: falling in love with Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Last updated 16th May 2024

Have we found the most family centred luxury resort in Riviera Maya Mexico? A love affair with paradise is how Rochelle Streater describes her family holiday at Andaz Mayakoba, find out why.


Andaz Mayakoba, Riviera Maya Mexico

It was love at first sight for us in Riviera Maya Mexico

From the moment we set foot on the shores of Riviera Maya in Mexico, Andaz Mayakoba cast its spell upon us.

This hidden gem nestled amidst lush greenery and a winding river became our sanctuary, our escape, and our love affair with paradise.

The journey began with anticipation—the kind that tugs your heartstrings. Our direct early morning flight with TUI led us to Cancun Airport, where the Andaz Mayakoba driver awaited us. With each passing minute of the 30-minute drive, our anticipation grew.

Then the resort’s entrance materialised before us: a vision of elegance framed by swaying palms and vibrant bougainvillaea. The river flowed alongside; it was pure magic.

Staff welcomed us with ice-cold lollies and water, as the open-air roof allowed sunlight to dance on the stone floors, and incense carried secrets of ancient rituals. In that moment, we knew we were part of something extraordinary.

Raising the standards of floating breakfasts and thrilling our kids

On our first morning, Andaz Mayakoba had a surprise and we found ourselves aboard a small boat already stocked with all the breakfast essentials such as pancakes, fruit, salmon and freshly brewed coffee.

The girls were beside themselves. As we enjoyed our food and marvelled at the scenery, our guide pointed out all the wildlife to the kids as we passed and spoke about the history of the resort. This was just the start to our adventure.


Caribbean beach, Andaz Mayakoba

Free bikes, wildlife-filled nature trails and plenty of pools

With the resort covering a huge amount of ground we were able to pick up bikes from reception and a kids trailer to explore different areas, including the nature trail: a winding path through mangroves, where, if you’re lucky, you can spot deer, monkeys and crocodiles. Luckily, we only saw the first two!

Multiple pools also beckoned, their serenity a welcome surprise. There was also easy access to the beach, washed by the warm Caribbean Sea, and the kids’ club buzzed with creativity- painting, cupcake decorating, cooking classes, and preparations for Dia de los Muertos. They even hosted family activities to enjoy together.

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Dia de los Muertos at Andaz Mayakoba

An authentic Dia de los Muertos celebration made our stay

On the evening of Dia de los Muertos we were invited and welcomed to a beautifully decorated festival of culture – where we had our faces painted, ate amazing Mexican food and danced till late. The girls were mesmerised and enjoyed every second. Just one of many unforgettable experiences we had at Andaz Mayakoba.

But it was the service that etched itself into our hearts. The warmth of the staff and their genuine care. Andaz Mayakoba wasn’t just a hotel; it was a cocoon of kindness.

As we reluctantly packed our bags, we knew this wasn’t goodbye. It was “hasta luego”—until we meet again. Andaz Mayakoba had woven itself into our story, leaving us forever enchanted.

Planning a Riviera Maya Mexico holiday

How to get there

Direct UK flights to Cancun from 10 hours, 30 minutes

Where to stay

Andaz Mayakoba, Lagoon View Room (2 adults, 2 children) from £345 per night

Find out more and book Andaz Mayakoba

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