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Paddling, Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola, Florida

Try phenomenal only in Pensacola family holiday experiences

So now you know a little more about Pensacola’s natural phenomena, here are a few of its phenomenal experiences. But remember, this is just a hint of what you can get up to on holiday here.

  • Paddling in Pensacola isn’t just dipping your toes in the sea. It’s all about getting out on the water in canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Expert local companies hire kid-friendly equipment and you have your pick of places to paddle. If you feel really adventurous, head to Big Lagoon State Park to try part of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail which actually starts in the Pensacola Bay Area.
  • Catch a dolphin cruise and add complete enchantment to your holiday. There’s a wide range of tours on offer so finding one to suit the ages of your kids is easy. There’s even a dolphin tour which coincides with the Blue Angels practicing their aerial manoeuvres for an extra unforgettable experience.
  • When nothing will do but thrills, Splash City Adventure satisfies amusement park and waterpark cravings all in one place. Right in the heart of Pensacola, it’s a favourite with local families, which is always a good sign.
  • The legendary Blue Angels are at home in Pensacola and they put on a sensational Air Show in July every year. However, from March to September, you can also see the squadron practising their aerial moves from vantage points around the area, including Fort Pickens. Don’t forget to tell kids that seeing a practice gives them the right to call the squadron, ‘Our Blues’. It’s a fact, ask anyone lucky enough to live here.

Pensacola Historic Village brings the past to life for kids

Pensacola makes over 460 years of history fun for kids

It’s not always easy to imagine anything apart from sun, sand and sea on a Florida family holiday. Yet Pensacola manages to make the idea of museums almost as tempting as the beach. Although having almost 500 years of history to fall back probably helps with that.

  • Visit Historic Pensacola and prepare to be amazed. This was the first America’s first European settlement, the history spans over 460 years and kids don’t even notice they’re learning, because it all just feels like fun. Plus, you only need to buy one ticket each and you have seven days to explore. So take your time, there’s a lot to see and do.
  • Spend the day at Fort Pickens. One of four military forts constructed to protect the Pensacola area during the 1800s, it comes with a fascinating history. Explore the buildings, visit the museum and then go swimming at Langdon Beach.
  • The National Naval Aviation Museum is free which is very generous as it makes a great family day out. The collection includes over 150 restored aircraft. Kids can get on board with flight simulators and the Giant Screen Digital Theater is worth a visit alone.∗∗
  • Get hands on with history at the interactive and imaginative Pensacola Children’s Museum. Here kids can experience a Colonial Classroom, discover daily life in a Native American Village and even visit a Trading Post. Two floors of endless play might be a bit much for one day, but the museum is included in your Historic Pensacola ticket, so you can come again, and again.

∗∗ Remember to check opening times and visitation requirements before you visit the National Naval Aviation Museum.


Downtown Pensacola, Florida

City of Five Flags and Festival City of the South

Pensacola goes by a few names and all of them flattering and well-deserved. Over the centuries the flags of Spain, Britain, France, the Confederacy and the US have flown over the city, hence the name City of Five Flags. However, the more recent title, Festival City of the South comes directly from the deep spirit of good-time that runs right through Pensacola 365-days a year.

In that spirit, there’s even an ‘only in Pensacola’ cocktail, the Bushwacker. Think milkshake with a kick for adults-only and best enjoyed with a long, hot day and a perfect Pensacola beach!

If you want a carnival with Florida sunshine, visit in February and catch beads and brilliant vibes at one of America’s original Mardi Gras celebrations. There are Bands on the Beach from April to October every year. And it’s eyes to the skies in July for the Blue Angels Air Show. September is the month for the ridiculously delicious annual Seafood Festival . And the one and only Foo Foo Festival is end-to-end Pensacola culture for 14 days and nights in November.

Although missing out on the Seafood Festival doesn’t deprive you of fabulous eating experiences at any time of year. Downtown is the foodie heart of Pensacola and delivers on everything from cute food trucks to fine dining. Naturally, sea views on the side are a big draw at fantastic beachfront restaurants on the Gulf. Local beach bars rustle up southern seafood like you’ve never tasted and they’re just one of the toes-in-the-sand style places for families to kick-back, tuck-in and savour Pensacola’s exceptionally good taste.

How to plan your family holiday in Pensacola

Pensacola sits in the north west of Florida. The most westerly city in the state, its coast is the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

How to get here

Flights from the UK to Pensacola International Airport year round take from 12 hours, 44 minutes.

When to go

Pensacola has long, hot summers and short, mild winters.

Spring and summer are the busiest beach seasons.

Autumn is quieter, although it’s still beach weather with average temperatures of 25° between September and November.


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