No travel company understands Florida better than Ocean Florida. For the past decade they’ve taken more than 250,000 contented customers on holiday all over the Sunshine State, and last year they were named ‘Best Overall Holiday Company to the USA’, at the British Travel Awards 2018.

A well-deserved win considering their outstanding level of service – they even have a dedicated Ocean Holidays Welcome centre in the heart of Kissimmee so families have 24/7 support during their stay in Orlando.

Though it’s probably not an exaggeration to say that Ocean Florida have also introduced many families to Florida well beyond Orlando. Since their holidays cover every coast from Gulf to Gold and Emerald, as well as sweeping down to the Caribbean Sea and over to glamorous Miami – a surprisingly fun city for kids.

But if you’re looking for thrilling theme parks, great value UK school holiday breaks or beautiful beaches this year, Ocean Florida are going back to their roots this year and highly recommending Walt Disney World Resort and the singularly glorious Florida Keys, here’s why:

1/7 Once in a lifetime Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida doesn’t have a cut-off point when it comes to amazing. So you can safely expect to be awed on a minute-by-minute basis and have all expectations exceeded endlessly.

But, if you’re thinking a large-ish theme-park experience, think again: Walt Disney World Resort actually covers an astonishing 40 square miles. That’s not just immense, it’s roughly the same size as Manchester immense – only instead of the UK’s third largest city, you have the world’s biggest fantasy made real.

Taking into account its sheer scale and the fact that there are no fewer than six parks and 30 family hotels, not to mention acres of championship golf courses, luxury spas, dozens of restaurants and pretty much non-stop entertainment; you can see why Ocean Florida look at Walt Disney World Resort as a complete destination rather than just another Orlando attraction.