2/5  Low impact camel trekking in Dubai

You’ll frequently see camels in Dubai, and they’re by far the most responsible transport if you want to see the desert. The less said about activities like dune-bashing the better: does anything with the word ‘bashing’ in it sound like a good plan?

Camels on the other hand, have been making their stately way across sands for millennia, and you can even choose treks where part of your payment is donated to local environmental initiatives. Best by far, is a morning in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, with breakfast by the lake before any trekking starts. Kids ride with parents, there’s a good chance of spotting wildlife, and you’ll learn about fascinating dromedary, and the work of the Reserve, along the way.

Where: Dubai Desert Conservation Area, 40 minutes drive from Downtown Dubai.

When: Year round morning trek, four hours from approx. 8am.

Cost: From £64 per person. Suitable for kids of four and over.

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