2/5  Al Lisaili's camel market

Known as the ships of the desert, camels are an Arabian icon. Kids can learn more about these beautiful rubber lipped beasts on a trip to the desert town of Al Lisaili, the camel breeding and racing capital of Dubai. Al Lisaili is 40 miles from Dubai and is centred around the Al Marmoum race track, where prize camels can reach speeds of up to an incredible 55mph.

In the past owners would use children to jockey the camels, but in 21st century Dubai the sport has gone hi-tech and robot jockeys are controlled by camel 'gamers' at the side of the track. The camel racing season runs between October and March, however, the camel market is a year-round affair. The noisy, chaotic marketplace offers a real taste of traditional Emirati life. Aside from thousands of camels for sale, there are 160 stalls flogging handmade trinkets and colourful camel blankets, but maybe leave the four-legged souvenirs for the locals.

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