10 fun and fascinating activities for families in the Seychelles

Lucy Pares
1st September 2017

There probably isn’t anywhere in the world more famous for beaches than the Seychelles. The Indian Ocean archipelago regularly has several inclusions in the ‘World’s Top 10 Loveliest’ lists; and Anse Lazio on Praslin Island has held the title of most beautiful beach in the world for decades.

But is there more to the Seychelles than silvery sands, Neolithic rock formations, and transparent seas?

Seychelles Travel are the country’s holiday experts, and source of information on everything from luxury resorts to fabulous dive schools. Their only issue with recommending fantastic family activities in the Seychelles, was keeping the list down to just 10.

Have a look at their final cut of the best island adventures for active family holidays in the Seychelles.

 1/10  Ziplining in Mahé

In the Seychelles, temperatures rarely fall below 25˚, there’s just enough rain to keep things lush, and the sun shines, a lot. That’s great beach weather, and almost unimaginably perfect for growing a rich, dense, tropical forest made for adventuring.

Spend a day ziplining in the tree-canopy overlooking idyllic Port Launay Bay on Mahé, and you’ll understand completely.

Soaring through forests on wire is quite new to the Seychelles, but it turns out to be a natural talent. The action’s organised by islanders with decades of extreme sport experience, and there’s zipping at a range of levels; so even younger kids can be forest high-flyers.

Find out more about tree-canopy ziplining in the Seychelles

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