Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that change everything. You certainly have to think that’s the way things have been planned at LUX* Grand Gaube, another effortless resort on Mauritius seemingly incapable of doing anything uncool.

Now if you normally run a mile from brand philosophies, have no fear, LUX* Resorts merely believe every moment is precious, that you should be free to indulge on holiday, spend time together, take time to yourself, think a little, dream a little and ultimately reconnect with what’s important in life. Which might be tricky to pull off in the day-to-day, but in a resort designed with the sole purpose of restoring balance, calm and joy, it’s extraordinarily difficult not to find your equilibrium.

Like everything else at LUX* Grand Gaube, philosophy comes with a light touch. Kids will probably only notice that you’re more fun, less rushed, up for adventures and trying new things, significantly better rested, refreshed and generally quite a bit longer on patience. Chances are you’ll observe them growing more confident, revelling in the sense of freedom that LUX* Resorts tends to invite, prepared to push themselves a little harder with activities, keen to learn new stuff and quite a lot hungrier than usual. Which is fine because fresh, healthy snacks are pretty much on tap here and any excuse is a good one to try the resort’s delicious homemade ice cream.

1/5 Family villas and suites designed by Kelly Hoppen

But originality isn’t confined to philosophy in action here, it’s even worked into the interior design. There are 5 LUX* resorts in the Indian Ocean with different look and feel, you will instantly recognise Kelly Hoppen’s beachy, retro-chic signature in the resort’s family villas and suites. As always there’s lots of life’s luxuries in the details, colours are creamy and calm, textiles arranged to soothe and tiny touches lift away any sense of ‘hotel’, giving you a feeling of your own personal space instead. Another tough trick to pull off, but clearly not for Kelly Hoppen whose flawless taste is matched only by her instinct for cocoon-like comfort. Of course, each of the three villas are individuals from the foundations up, they even sit on their very own peninsula. And if you’re thinking they sound like the perfect setting to spend more valuable time together as a family, that's exactly the thinking behind their design.