4/5  Even banana boats are more fun in the Maldives

If you haven’t tried a banana boat yet, it’s hard to truly understand the sheer excitement of flying across the ocean on an inflatable tube pulled by a speed boat. But once experienced, it’s unlikely you won’t be bitten by the bug for life.

Furaveri Island’s water sport team are masters at keeping nervous beginners on board their banana boats, although tumbling into the balmy Indian Ocean occasionally is all part of the fun. Normally timid kids get pretty bold, pretty quickly, and they’re usually the ones crying out for more speed and sharper turns long before seasoned grown ups.

Boats take up to four passengers, so they’re great for families, and the 20 minute dash to the outer reef is perfect for burning off some energy, cooling down after a day on the beach, or just because it feels fantastic.

Find out more about family banana boats at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa

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