2/10  The art of Ritipanna in southern Sri Lanka

The sight of fishermen casually perched on sticks over the Indian Ocean, makes Ritipanna stilt fishing seem effortless. But, like a lot of things the talented Sri Lankans get up to, it just looks easy. It really takes tremendous skill to stay still and catch fish, balanced on a skinny pole with nothing but your twined legs for support. You might think it’s an ancient art, but you’d be wrong: stilt fishing began in Sri Lanka less than a century ago. Don’t let a relative lack of history stop you being utterly mesmerised by its grace and beauty. And only have a go yourself if you don’t mind getting wet – repeatedly. 

Where to see Ritipanna: Uniwatuna on the coast of southern Sri Lanka, 20 minutes east of Galle.

How to get here: Direct UK flights to Colombo take 10 hours, 45 minutes. Uniwatuna is two hours drive south of Colombo.

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