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Holiday destinations inspired by your favourite family films

Last updated 9th August 2022

1/14 The Lion King – Kenya

The new live animation of The Lion King starring Beyoncé comes out in July 2019. With the movie setting, characters and story inspired by the pride lands of Kenya’s Maasai Mara and the endless savannah plains, gorges and sunsets of Tanzania’s Serengeti, the film is sure to ignite a passion for visiting East Africa. For an unforgettable experience, stay at the Mara Serena Safari Lodge in Kenya – built on the spot where Prince Charles once pitched a tent to enjoy the views over the famous Mara River, with a ringside seat to all the drama of the Migration. Find out more this and other incredible experiences with Serena hotels.

Flight time: approx 10 hours

2/14 Aladdin – Jordan

Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert played a major part in the recent filming of the live-action remake of 1992’s Disney film, Aladdin. The new version is in cinemas nationwide from 24 May. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the movie features Hollywood stars including Will Smith, who plays Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. The Wadi Rum stood in for many of the desert scenes during filming. Smith reportedly took the film crew to see Petra, a site that had been on his bucket list for 20 years. Get a taste of true local culture by camping out under the stars at a traditional Bedouin camp in the heart of the desert. Camps such as the Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp offer comfortable goat-hair tents and traditional meals such as a zarb, sooked in an oven buried in the sand.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Jordan from £470 in July

Flight time: 5 hours

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3/14 The Sound of Music – Salzburg, Austria

The hills are alive with… the sound of children whining. Joking, of course, the kids will have a great time in the picturesque city of Salzburg. The Austrian setting for the Sound of Music has one of the most breathtaking landscapes. If views alone aren’t enough to appease the kids, no worries! There’s a bevy of things to do for entertainment options with them. Check out the Hohensalzburg Fortress for a fairytale-like moment on your holiday. Also, if you’re a true lover of the film, go on the Sound of Music Tour. It’ll be a treat for you and the family to see some of the most iconic spots from the timeless film. Also, venture to the Mirabell Palace and Gardens to further soak up all the culture and architectural beauty Salzburg has to offer.

Price: Roundtrip flights from Edinburgh to Salzburg are from £280 for August 2019 with Lufthansa

Flight time: Just over 2 hours

4/14 Frozen – Oslo, Norway

So, you’ve had enough time to recover from the “Let It Go” phase your kids went through? No? Then I regret to inform you that Frozen II is making its way to the big screen this year. If you secretly loved Elsa making an appearance in your home every day, then I have great news to share with you. Frozen II is making its way to the big screen this year! In celebration, take a holiday to the place that inspired it all: Norway. Visit the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology or check out the TusenFryd Amusement Park for rides to accommodate every age group. Spend some time outside and get active at Oslo Summer Park. There are many fun options for families with kids!

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Oslo are from £100 for August 2019 with British Airways 

Flight Time: About 2 hours

5/14 Enchanted – New York City, USA

Plucked from the fictitious land of Andalasia in the movie Enchanted, Giselle transports into a dark and scary place: New York City. Despite the film’s initial portrayal of the city, your family should make a trip out to the Big Apple. Although, the city’s fast pace may intimidate at first (as it did for Giselle in the movie), it’s worth it for the absolute magic that is Manhattan. Take a boat through Central Park, take a lift up to the top of the Empire State Building, take a trip to FAO Schwarz. Have tea at the American Girl Doll store, have a bite to eat in Chelsea Market, and have a stroll through the High Line on a warm day. There are too many sights to see in NYC. From the museums to the sweet shops to the Broadway shows, New York City is just too much for one trip. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to tackle the madness! Start chipping away at the long list of fun activities to do with the family and plan your trip in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to NYC are from £530 for August 2019 with British Airways

Flight Time: About 8 hours

6/14 The Parent Trap – California, USA

Follow the steps of the twins from The Parent Trap and venture from Britain over to sunny California. While there’s no need to retrace their actual trip to Napa County, there’s so many incredible sights in California for the kids that they’ll be delighted to see. Replicate the family’s annual camping trip, and head to Lake Tahoe for an unforgettable experience in just one of the state’s natural beauties. Yosemite National Park is another lush option for some outdoor time. The park has wonderful, kid-friendly trails that thread through sparkling lakes and waterfalls. Nature not your family’s thing? No worries, kick back in southern California and plan a visit to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Disney’s first home consists of two parks that will definitely have enough magic to last a lifetime. While in SoCal, definitely check out the Griffith Observatory for a night among the stars (no, not the celebrity ones). California is massive and intricate, and it is a nice destination for the family.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Los Angeles are from £640 for August 2019 with Norwegian Air

Flight Time: About 11 hours

7/14 Kung Fu Panda – Beijing, China

Kids love Po. Po is the lazy, lovable panda from Kung Fu Panda. Set in ancient China, this hilarious movie makes kids roar with laughter. If you’re keen for a holiday outside of Europe, travel to this spectacular country for some unique sights and experiences that the kids may recognise from the film. Of course, travel to the city of Beijing to marvel at The Great Wall of China. Take a toboggan down the mountain from the Great Wall with kids for added joy. If you’re part of a nature-loving family, check out Juizhaigou National Park for incredibly blue waters, waterfalls, and forests. If you really want to see Po, check out the Chengdu Base of Giant Panda Research to watch the playful creatures in real life. China has a rich history and beauty that you can only fully experience via a trip.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Beijing are from £540 for August 2019 with Air Astana

Flight Time: About 10 hours

8/14  Moana – Hawaii, USA

There’s nothing like the sight of blue waters to relax you and excite your kids. Hawaii is a potential backdrop for the Polynesian inspired film, Moana. It’s a recent crowd favorite that stars a beautiful, tropical background. The exquisite island is an ideal place to take the family on holiday. They have sea life parks, leisure hikes (kid friendly!), luaus, abundant beaches, and even a Disney resort in Ko Olina.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Honolulu are from £650 for August 2019 with WestJet

Flight Time: About 17 hours with approx. 1 layover

9/14 The Princess and the Frog – New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is the setting of the sweet film The Princess and the Frog. The children’s film depicts some classic hallmarks of the city like beignets and the Mardi Gras Parade. This culturally rich city is a great place to explore with any of the film’s fans. Take a trip to Storyland in City Park to see over 20 grand sculptures of storybook characters that your kids will be happy to see. The playground has a fun dragon slide and the pirate ship from Peter Pan. Swing by the New Orleans Museum of Art to check out some of the beautiful pieces and join in on a children’s art workshop. After your day out, pick up the famous beignets from Café du Monde in the French Quarter for a sweet treat. Take a trip to this diverse city.

Price: Roundtrip flights from Birmingham to New Orleans are from £810 for August 2019 with British Airways

Flight Time: About 15 hours with probable layovers

10/14 Coco – Mexico City, Mexico

The new Pixar movie, Coco, is about a boy who speaks with skeletons in the land of the dead. The film draws on Mexican folklore and is set in the country’s capital: Mexico City. Mexico City is studded with fun activities for the whole family. Visit the Plaetario Luis Enrique Erro for a sky show and an informatory projection at the planetarium. Visit the botanical gardens, and head to the Papalote Museo del Niño for interactive exhibits. For more museum fun take a trip to KidZania- a science museum for kids to let their imaginations run. Between the art and the history, your kids feel transported into the movie. This trip will be a grand time for all!

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Mexico City are from £830 for August 2019 with Aeromexico

Flight Time: About 15 hours

11/14 Ratatouille – Paris, France

Remy’s dream is to move to Paris and become a chef in the movie Ratatouille, and yours should be too! Well, maybe omit the chef part. And maybe a permanent move is too much. But you should definitely want to explore Paris. Paris is rich with beauty. Take a trip over to the magnificent city to explore a variety of gardens, museums, and patisseries. Nosh on a croissant with the kids and stroll through the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Take the steps up to the Sacre Coeur for an unparalleled view of Paris that will even make the kids gasp in awe. Visit the Jardin de Luxembourg to sail toy boats along the water with the family or take a cruise on an actual boat for a tour down the Seine. And if your kids are looking for Remy, take a short trip to Disneyland Paris to hop on the Ratatouille: The Adventure ride (suitable for all ages!) and dine at Ratatouille: A Recipe for Adventure. Your kids will adore these attractions. Paris is a magical city, and you should explore it!

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Paris are under £100 for August 2019 with Air France

Flight Time: About 1 hour

12/14 The Goonies – Astoria and Portland Oregon,  USA

Go on an adventure to the land of The Goonies. Take a trip to Oregon for a nice holiday getaway. Visit the actual location of Astoria, Oregon to unwind with the kids in a mildly populated area of the state. Explore the charming town and be on the lookout for the Goon Docks house where Mikey and Brand resided. Even take a trip to Cannon beach for the classic rocky views in the film. It’s a beautiful beach with walking trails and shallow pools for the family to enjoy. Although Astoria might not be the ideal trip for an extended holiday, Oregon has much more to offer. Visit the state’s bustling city of Portland. Explore Portland’s Children’s Museum to get hands-on with exhibits and join in for fun workshops. Visit Floating World Comics for an impressive collection of comic books that the kids will adore. And, of course, make a stop at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts for a sweet treat that should only be reserved for special occasions such as a family holiday!

Price: Roundtrip flights from Manchester to Portland are from £700 for August 2019 with Thomas Cook Airlines

Flight Time: About 13 hours

13/14 Finding Nemo – Sydney, Australia

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Does this ring a bell? It should as this address is mentioned numerous times throughout the beloved movie Finding Nemo. Although this actual address does not exist, the city does. Sydney is a beautiful Australian city that offers so much for families to do together. Take a beautiful stroll along the sand and the sea with the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk. The views are mesmerizing and the seaside stroll will be a delight as the kids look to the ocean in search of Nemo and Dory. Visit Luna Park and picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens for a relaxed day in the city. Spend time by the beach, and if it’s too cold for that then visit the Australian Museum or the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Sydney was a nice home for Nemo’s family, and it will be a great trip for yours.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Sydney are from £950 for August 2019 with British Airways

Flight Time: About 22 hours with probable layovers

14/15 Tangled – Frankfurt, Germany

Take a Tangled- themed holiday in Germany. Many of the Brothers Grimm stories have their origins in Germany. Take your kids to the origin setting of these beloved stories. There’s an actual German Fairytale Route that snakes through the country that will undoubtedly leave both kids and parents in absolute awe. From Schwälmer Land’s Little Red Riding Hood roots to Sleeping Beauty’s Sababurg Castle- there’s so much for the kids to enjoy and so much architectural beauty for you to appreciate. Visit Rapunzel’s town and tower with a trip to the Trendelburg Fortress for the full Tangled experience.

Price: Roundtrip flights from London to Frankfurt under £100 for August 2019 with Ryanair

Flight Time: About 1 hour and a half