Trips for kids who love Ancient History

Mohamed Anhari
2nd July 2018

4/8 Pompeii, Naples, Italy

The ancient site of Pompeii is world famous, thanks to the rather gruesome story attached to these Roman remains. In 79AD the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, erupted simultaneously destroying the city of Pompeii and preserving it under metres of ash. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site provides us with an insight like no other, into the daily life of Ancient Rome, with houses and their contents remaining intact for thousands of years. Walking through the excavated city, with Mount Vesuvius looming close by, is like stepping back through time – an experience not to be missed. Plus, even the most reluctant child or teen can’t say no to the chance of seeing an active volcano, up close! 

Where: Campania, Naples, Italy

How much: Adult tickets cost €20 and children under 18 cost €3

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