Is it possible to find a quiet beach in the land of crowded Costas? If you know where to look it’s surprisingly easy and you don’t need to sacrifice sun for space on the sand. Here are eight of Spain’s lesser known shores where the weather’s reliably wonderful, wild kids have complete freedom and you can turn down the parental-control a little. 


1/8  Playa de los Cocedores, Murcia

Right on the border of Murcia and Almeria, this is a beach the regions tussle over. In truth it’s more Murcia’s and, once you’re down on the sheltered, shimmering sands staring out at the Mediterranean, ownership seems irrelevant. A little trickier to get to than most Costa Blanca coves, Playa de Los Cocedores is much quieter than it should be considering it’s utterly breathaking.

The crescent shaped shore is cocooned in otherworldly rock formations, so there’s no shortage of nooks and crannies to clamber around for older kids. And the gentle, shallow water’s just right for little non-swimmers. A small bar opens every so often in the summer but this is definitely the beach for a picnic, plenty of bottled water and plans to stay all day long.

Playa de los Cocedores is tucked round Cala Bay about 20 minutes drive from the pretty harbour town of Aguilas in Murcia. The short walk to the beach means most visitors opt for much busier Playa la Carolina to the east – stretch your legs, Cocedores is worth it.

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