Under ten winner

The Colours of Ibiza, by Isabelle Taylor, aged 9

Ibiza is known as The White Isle but it doesn’t seem white to me; it seems more like a rainbow of colours. As the plan descended over Ibiza I was surprised to see how many forests there were; many acres of lush green pine forest covered it leaving only a few small clusters of chalky white buildings. It was surrounded by a glittering deep blue ocean. I instantly knew I would love it.

On the day after our arrival in Ibiza we went on a tour by bike. As we cycled I saw lemon and orange groves planted in brick red soil while the fiery golden sun beat down upon my back as my mum and I raced my brother and dad who were riding the tandem. It was a relief to finally enter the shady forest. Partway up the hill we stopped. In a clearing a nightingale was singing. The nightingale’s song owed through the air like a bubbling stream of pure joy as it trickled over stones glazed and smooth, stones of happiness. It was a miracle that such a beautiful song should come from such a small brown bird. Later we stopped for ice cream at a small teashop before cycling the last of our trip and going back to our hotel.

The next morning we went on a boat trip around The Mystical Isle. We saw many Balearic shearwaters (a rare, endangered bird) and looked at the craggy cli s out of which gulls soared, with dark, bat-like Eleonora’s falcons flapping round them, before going snorkelling; we saw an incredible number of sh in the cool, azure water before returning to the boat and speeding back like a bird flying low over the water, barely grazing its surface.

A day later we took a climb into the lush, dark green pine forests. We came to a cave filled with beautiful things and were so interested that the next day we returned. It turned out to be a shrine to the earth goddess. We headed back running through the pine woods, the sweet strong scent of pine filling my nostrils.

Winner Isabelle and her little brother enjoy a boat ride

In the afternoon we went kayaking and came to a beach where you could plaster yourself with mud that was good for your skin before kayaking back throwing seaweed at one another! I tried to stand up and managed, but halfway through my victory dance I fell in! Luckily the sea was warm. Then my brother jumped in several times! Finally we had to leave;
I couldn’t have wished for a better day.

On this trip I have realised that Ibiza is much more than I thought; it is more than just parties, it is a whole world of colourful beauty. We had so many wonderful adventures on land and sea and I really hope that we go back to Ibiza again.

Our winners met up! Nathan, Isabelle and brothers, Thomas 11 and Isaac, 7, take a leap from a handmade dune

10-and-over winner

Ibiza Diary, by Nathan Cracknell, aged 13

Day 1

Upon our arrival on the beautiful island, we were invited for a meal with Diana, the organiser of our trip and the other winner of the competition. After a brief drive along a stunning coastal road, we arrived at the seafront restaurant in Cala Sant Vincent, where we enjoyed a delicious traditional Balearic meal.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the stunning beaches surrounding our hotel, swimming in the sea and playing in the soft, golden sand.

Day 2

On our second day, we took a one-hour boat trip along the beautiful coastline of Ibiza to the famous Hippy Market at Punta Arabi. Just a short walk from the boat we reached the market and entered the complex of stalls. The whole place was filled with eclectic vendors selling all manner of colourful and fascinating items ranging from clothes and jewellery to incredible pieces of art.

Nathan (right) and his brother enjoy Ibiza’s Old Town


Before our boat departed on the journey back, we enjoyed a little time dipping in the sea. On the way back, we were lucky enough to be followed by an elegant group of dolphins diving in and out of the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. We watched a beautiful sunset after another great day.

Day 3

Following two busy days, we mainly swam in the pool and lounged around on a beach. Our excursion for the day was a kayaking trip along the beach and seafront of our hotel. We could choose to go to a ‘secret beach’ or to a small waterfall. We enjoyed taking the kayaks out but it was surprisingly hard going against the waves and a powerful tide.

We arrived at the untouched stone beach hidden from view and only reachable from the sea. We took a break and swam for a bit before heading off back to the hotel.

Day 4

On our nal full day, we visited the largest town, Ibiza Old Town. We started the day by driving up into
the old city which overlooked the marina and newer part of town. We explored the maze of ancient little streets and I was fascinated by the city’s history and architecture. We enjoyed a lovely lunch of traditional tapas.

Today’s arranged treat was a cycle tour with a local guide. We were all excited about this one because my dad, brother and me all race mountain bikes. Our guide James took us through the town of St Eulària, along the sea front into a countryside. We cycled over 30km on dusty o -road tracks lined with olive groves, lemon and orange trees with just horsed grazing on dry grass. Although it was very hot, this was my favourite excursion we have done.

My family and me had an unforgettable time in Ibiza and I would recommend the island to any family. There is so much to do there, like watersports, biking and exploring the many stunning beaches but Ibiza can also offer a relaxing stay as well.