Find the best family eco-adventure in Catalonia this autumn

22nd October 2019

Autumn’s a great time for a family holiday in Catalonia and the entire region is packed with family-friendly places to explore. But if you want to put sustainability up top in your adventure this year, head to Els Ports in Terres de l’Ebre biosphere.

An easy drive from Reus Airport, Terres de l’Ebre is one of Catalonia’ two UNESCO World Biospheres and famous for the extraordinary Ebre Delta. But for autumn adventure, turn away from the coast and make for the mountains to discover Els Ports: a Family Adventure Holiday certified destination and pretty much the land of endless excitement for kids. This is where you’ll find Els Port Natural Park and the iconic Ports de Tortosa-Beseit; mile after mile of traffic-free cycle routes; child-friendly history tours; river kayaking and canyoning and opportunities all over the place for kids to try anything from orienteering to olive oil tasting.

Plus Els Ports is an official Family Adventure Holiday destination, certified by the Catalan Tourist Board and guaranteed family-friendly right across the board from accommodation to adventure parks.

The highly coveted Family Friendly Holiday labels are only awarded to the best of the best after a rigorous certification process pioneered by Catalonia to ensure the highest of standards. So you can be sure all labelled destinations and attractions are just right for you and your kids. Here’s a hint of what family-friendly looks like in Els Ports, Terres de l’Ebre this autumn:

Cycling in Els Ports Natural Park

1/5 Have an activity-packed family adventure with Montsport

Montsport believe family adventures should be fantastic fun, low impact and completely sustainable and prove that’s possible every day, all year round, right at the heart of Els Ports Natural Park.

Naturally they’re very keen on cycling, and the only activity company in Terres de l’Ebre to hire family bikes, where kids sit up front in sturdy seats while you do the pedalling. And you don’t have to plan your own route, Montsport will work everything out for you or take you on a guided family cycle – everyone on the team is local so nobody knows the landscape better.

Picking up the basics of orienteering together with Montsport’s experts is another exciting activity to get you all out and about all over the park. There are great tours and even ones involving olive oil and wine tasting are designed for families – kids too. Bold teens will love canyoning with qualified and extremely encouraging experts. And most ages are up for the challenge of aerial rope courses at Montsport’s innovative outdoor Adventure Park.

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