Latest guide to Covid rules in Spain for UK family travel 2022

Last updated 9th July 2022

Take a look at our guide to Covid rules in Spain for UK family travel right now. You’ll find everything you need here to prepare for a stress-free Spanish break with kids, including the Spain Travel Health explainer video and an easy step-by-step Covid checklist.


Covid rules in Spain for travel from 24 January 2022

As it’s one of the largest European countries, you might expect Covid rules in Spain to be incredibly complex. But all credit goes to the country which, although badly hit by the pandemic, has tried to make it as easy as possible for families to visit over the past two years.

Now fully vaccinated UK travellers can enter Spain without a negative Covid test. However, from 1 February 2022, the date of your last vaccination cannot be more than 270 days before your date of travel. This is in line with the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) regulations and means that if more than 270 days have elapsed you will need to have proof of a booster received no less than 14 days before you leave for Spain.

The NHS Covid Pass for adults, and children aged 12 and over, can now be scanned in most European countries, including Spain. This verifies your vaccination status and is an essential requirement for entry to the country. Children under the age of 12 do not need any form of vaccine pass or health certificate to visit Spain from the UK.

All UK families travelling to Spain must complete a Health Inspection Form online when their flight information is available. The ‘family’ form lets you fill in the details of all children travelling and allows you to sign on behalf of under 12s.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive a QR Code 48-hours before your trip and this is another essential for entry to Spain. Downloading the Spain Travel Health app is by far the easiest way to handle the mandatory Health Inspection Form from start to finish.

Remember your family needs the Spanish Travel Health QR Code to board flights to Spain and to enter the country. You’ll be asked to scan this QR Code on arrival at all Spanish airports, so have it ready.  You can also print a copy of the QR Code from your email or download it as a file on your phone.

You should also be aware that many Spanish airports have thermographic cameras in place or may ask to take your temperature. This is standard procedure now in Spain, non-invasive and personal data is not taken or stored, so just follow the instructions of airport staff.

Covid rules in Spain 10 point checklist for family travel

  1. Fully vaccinated UK travellers can now enter Spain without a negative Covid test.
  2. Children under the age of 12 do not need personal health certificates of any kind to travel to Spain.
  3. All adults and children aged 12 and over must have an up-to-date NHS Covid Pass to verify their vaccine status.
  4. From 1 February 2022, Spain requires your last vaccine date to be no more than 270-days before date of travel.
  5. If more than 270-days have elapsed since the date of your last vaccine you will need to have a booster for your NHS Covid Pass to be valid in Spain.
  6. All visitors to Spain must now complete a Spanish Travel Health Inspection Form – family forms are available.
  7. The Spain Travel Health Inspection Form QR Code you will be sent 48-hours before your travel date is essential for entry to Spain.
  8. Remember to have your NHS Covid Passes and Spain Travel Health QR Code ready to be scanned on arrival in Spain.
  9. Thermographic cameras are now in use at most Spanish airports.
  10. Spanish airport staff may ask to take your temperature, this is random, non-invasive and no personal data is stored.

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Useful information on Covid rules in Spain during your holiday

Like a lot of larger countries in Europe, there are regional variations on Covid rules in Spain. These mainly apply to when and where you’re likely to be asked for proof of your vaccination status and where you and your kids need to wear masks. To be on the safe side, have everyone’s NHS Covid Pass handy at all times and carry masks with you wherever you go.

On 24 December 2021, the wearing of masks outdoors in Spain became mandatory again. This is likely to change to wearing masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible. But again, check before you go. For region-specific information Travel Safe Spain is updated on a regular basis.

Facemasks are mandatory on public transport and in most indoor public spaces. Plus social distancing guidelines in coastal regions and on Spanish islands may mean that numbers on beaches are also restricted. And it’s always a plan to book in advance for any attractions or waterparks and theme parks.

In many parts of Spain asking for Covid vaccine passes has been left to the discretion of individual restaurants and bars. However, stay on the safe side of this one and have all your documents available, just in case.


What about returning to the UK from Spain?

Fully vaccinated travellers can now return to the UK from Spain without taking a pre-departure Covid test. And instead of a mandatory PCR test within two days of arrival back in the UK, double vaccinated travellers are able to take the less expensive lateral-flow test, again within two days of their return. If you test positive for Covid, you must follow the Government self-isolation rules for your area of the UK.

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