9 reasons Montenegro is one of Europes’s hottest holidays

Namrata Bhawnani
19th April 2017

Hailed as the most beautiful country in the Balkans, Montenegro is a relatively undiscovered gem on the Adriatic Sea. Bordering five other countries (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina) it is the perfect place to go for scenic walks and fresh air. It’s easy on the wallet, too! Here are nine reasons this Balkan treasure should be at the top of your list for 2017.


1/9 The lakes

Montenegro is home to some stunning lakes, dotted like buried sapphires in the hillsides. Lake Skadar on the border of Albania is a popular destination for visitors seeking activity holidays, with kayaking and mountain biking both popular options. If you’d rather leave the sailing to someone else, jump on one of the cultural boat tours and learn about the history of the area.

At 44km long and 14km wide, Skadar is the largest lake in Southern Europe; something to tick off the bucket list! Alternatively, visit Black Lake in the North to take in its glacial beauty and admire the thick pine forests that line its shore. It’s a great place to try local delicacies at the lakeside restaurants and go on a picturesque family hike.

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