It’s no surprise that Italy has been drawing in more and more visitors for the past few years.

Both timeless and spectacular, and with so much to explore, it is the perfect summer destination for all. Enjoy beach days overlooking the glittering Mediterranean in the paradise that is Sardinia, explore the quaint historic towns framing the majestic Italian lakes by foot, and experience mouth-watering gastronomy at every turn, whether it be classic Italian dishes, such as pizza or pasta, freshly baked bread, locally produced olive oils or delicious local seafood, all of this, and more, will be at your fingertips on your trip of a lifetime. And with so much variety, there is always something to suit your needs. Find out how you can match the perfect Italian destination to your family.

1/3 For culture vultures...

For a kaleidoscope of culture, and a sightseer’s paradise, Italian cities are not to be missed. Florence offers galleries, museums and beautiful architecture, with vineyards close by, whilst Rome, known as the Eternal City, is home to some of the worlds most famous monuments including the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, as well as delicious local cuisine, and of course, Vatican City, built upon a maze of catacombs, it’s the perfect place for a history lesson! If something a little slower in pace is what you’re after, then Venice is the answer. The city’s epic grandeur has attracted people of all walks of life for centuries, and never fails to inspire those who visit. Make sure to explore on foot so you can see classic Venetian scenes; from washing lines overhanging tiny canals to buzzing Piazza’s lined with market stalls. Whichever Italian city you choose to visit, you’ll enjoy every minute, with so much to see and do for all the family, you’ll never get bored.