2/3 Hiking

Walking opportunities in Valle d'Aosta are virtually endless, allowing visitors to take it at whatever pace and level they like, from post-lunch strolls to day hikes or even multi-day treks. Hiking families will embark on journeys that pass under dramatic peaks, through national parks and along well-marked footpaths on famous routes that can be taken on as a complete challenge or in bite-sized stages, finishing back down in the valley at the end of each day.

For an unforgettable experience, the Alta Via 1 hiking traverse - also known as the Alta Via dei Giganti - is a famous six-day hut-to-hut excursion through nature’s own resplendent alpine architecture and the foothills of Europe’s highest peaks: the pyramid of the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa massif and the staggeringly high Mont Blanc. Tracing its path through the mountains, the trail can be walked by anyone since it follows well-marked footpaths and can be taken in sections, making it the ideal excursion for families of all ages and abilities.

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