9 amazing family activities you can’t miss on the Amalfi Coast

Last updated 7th January 2019

With colours more vibrant than the brushstrokes of an artist, the Amalfi Coast is a living work of art that your family can visit on holiday. Perfectly situated along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning Mediterranean landscapes that offers families irresistible views and countless activities. Here are our top 9 tips for what to do on your visit…

By Gwyneth Donahue 

9. Blue Grotto Tour

Explore the beauty and depth of the most famous place on the island of Capri with a Blue Grotto Tour. The cave’s natural dramatic blue colouring is the result of crystal-water formed over the millenniums by sea erosion. Families can see several of the caves enclosures, which lead down windy corridors to reveal hidden underground passages. The Blue Grotto is a seasonal activity open one day out of four about 90 days per year. For an unforgettable experience your family will have to see the Blue Grotto to even believe exists, book your tour soon before they sell out.