2/3 Soul-lifting food

Eating your way through Valle d'Aosta is a completely acceptable (and largely expected) way of experiencing the region. The verdant alpine location provides the ideal conditions for the production of some of Italy's finest ingredients, from exquisite local cheeses to deliciously fragrant fruit. A scattering of dairy farms produces a breed of cows’ and goats’ cheeses that have become synonymous with the region. Fontina is one of its most famous, made using milk from cows grazing at high altitude. Then there's the ricotta-like Salignon,  with a creamy fat texture and a spicy hot flavour, and the Fromadzo PDO, which has a semi-sweet tang when fresh, and a stronger, slightly salty flavour when mature.

Families will delight in discovering the region’s local cured hams, sausages, lardo and other meaty delicacies (try teteun) in the delis and at farmers’ markets that burst with atmosphere and local specialities. For a fun day out with kids, take one of many food and wine tours available in the area and get stuck into the regional mountain cuisine at the rich choice of eateries, be it one of the rustic ‘rifugios’ found on mountain trails or a fine dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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