This little country of geysers, volcanos, lagoons and legends is now a ‘must-do’ with kids and over the past couple of years WOW airlines have made flying to Reykjavik so easy (and cheap) from the UK, it’s running close to weekend-break territory. Read our 8 reasons to visit iceland with the kids and if this doesn't convince you, nothing will.

1/8 Staring in awe at the Aurora Borealis

Iceland’s famous for so many natural phenomena, it seems almost unfair to have the Northern Lights too. Summer’s barely over in Reykjavik when the first light laden skies start to appear. Delve a bit deeper to the east or west of the capital and zero sodium glare, wild open spaces, and absolute serenity make prime viewing conditions for some of the most mesmerising Aurora Borealis spectacles on earth.

Think about indulging passionate little light-spotters with a night or two at the award winning ION Adventure Hotel. Just an hour from the capital, and closer still to remarkable Þingvellir National Park, it’s designed for gazing at Iceland’s captivating skies and pretty much guarantees personal appearances from Aurora in winter. And since ION looks amazing, and has won almost every food accolade imaginable, waiting around for show time isn’t much of a hardship.

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