2/5 Chia Laguna Resort, Sardinia

For beaches that could brazenly pass for the Maldives rather than the Med, Sardinia does a cracking job. Which is why a trip to the Chia Laguna Resort on the island’s southern shores will keep everybody hunky-dory. You’ve got the neighbouring Bay of Chia, where kids will love building sandcastles, floating in calm, shallow waters, and larking around the shoreline. Then there’s the Bambini Pool for little swimmers, with games and activities to keep them in check. Explorers-in-the-making can get their outdoorsy fix whilst hiking up and over dunes, spotting flamingos in the lagoons, and horse-riding along windswept beaches.

And when it comes to taking time out, this place really excels with its kids’ clubs: there’s one each for four different age groups, and you’ll be dragging them away after you’ve had your fill of the spa, languid lunches, and sunbed snoozing. All that action is a surefire way to knock the kids out come evening, so you can book a babysitter and head out for toes-in-the-sand dining, or cosy up together on your terrace. They’ve thought of everything – there’s even a kit for little bambinos that includes a stroller, a changing table, a baby bath and a bottle warmer.

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