Northern Greece holds many surprises for families

Last updated 14th December 2018

With oodles of culture, amazing food and fabulous weather to boot, Greece is a popular destination for families all year round. Choose to spend your days on sandy beaches and swimming in azure waters, or discover ancient ruins teeming with history. Whatever your preference, Greece is the destination that delivers it all in a warm, welcoming and safe package. Here’s our pick of where to go in Greece and why…

© Thessaloniki

8. Thessaloniki for museums, arts and culture

This historic port is a living museum in itself. With its distinctive mix of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cultural history, it’s the ideal city break for families looking for something unique.

Simply strolling around the narrow lanes and walls of Ano Poli – one of the oldest districts of Thessaloniki – you’ll feel like you’re part of a work of art. The artistic past of Thessaloniki spans painting, poetry, cinema, theatre, photography, music and more, meaning that there’s no shortage of galleries to explore. To help you pick the best of the bunch, here’s our hit list of where to go – from Roman ruins to Byzantine UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Sites: Thermaic Gulf, the White Tower, Nikis Avenue, Aristotelous Square, Mitropoleos Avenue, Tsimiski Avenue, Ladadika, Modiano Market, Bit Bazaar and the Old City.

Museums: Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture, Archaeological Museum Of Thessaloniki, Folk Museum of Macedonia-Thrace.

Art galleries: Contemporary Art Centre Of Thessaloniki, State Museum Of Contemporary Art, Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art.

Churches: Virgin Acheiropoiitos, Agios Dimitrios, the Virgin Dexia, Agia Sofia, the Virgin of Chalkeon, Agios Ioannis the Ypogeios, the Rotunda of Agios Georgios