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2/4 Rethymno

Tucked between Chania and Heraklion, Rethymno is Crete’s smallest region which only makes it easier to explore its gorges and mythical caves, lovely beaches, historic villages and romantic Rethymno city itself; home to one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Greece.

Why choose Rethymno for family holidays in Crete?

  • Rethymno city stands alongside some of the finest medieval towns in Europe. Leave plenty of time for its cobbled streets, Venetian mansions, ancient churches and mosques, as well as pretty much endless intriguing legends.
  • Rethymno's magnificent 16th century Venetian fortress is simply known as Fortezza, it’s fascinating to explore with kids and also contains Rethymno Archaeological Museum.
  • This is the region for mountain caves. If you only manage one make it Idéon Ándron, the Cave of Zeus. Legend has it that Zeus grew up here, hidden from his father Cronus, who had a nasty habit of eating his offspring. For that tale and many more, guided cave tours are great fun with kids.
  • Walk the three kilometre long Kourtaliótis Gorge with older kids and you’ll come to the Lagoon of Prévelli, the pretty date palm trimmed beach is a nice reward for the legwork.
  • Sporty kids will love Plakiás Beach, south of Rethymno. And 20km long Rethymno city beach is another great choice for active families.
  • The village of Bali and Bali Bay with its mountain backdrop and sandy, cove-like beaches is ideal for younger kids.
  • If Ayía Galini, south of Rethymno, seems familiar, you’ve probably seen pics of its secret beaches and tiny islets, prepare to find them even more ravishing in real life.

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