Steeped in mythology and rich history, Athens is a fascinating place to go on a family holiday. We’ve discovered how to get the best of Greece’s capital city when visiting with kids; here are our top reasons why Athens is great for teens and tweens.

1/11  The food

It is often a source of stress for parents when travelling with children: what will they eat, will they like any of it and will their usual food be available if all else fails? Athens is an ideal place to visit for picky eaters as there are plenty of options to suit every palette and the Greek food is often welcomed by kids as it is fairly familiar. ‘Souvlaki’ made from delicious pieces of chicken or other meat on a skewer is a safe bet, as are the abundant fresh fruits that the sunny climate has to offer.

Cherries, watermelon, apricots and sweet tomatoes are all widely available healthy options that kids will love. ‘Beefteki’ (like beefburgers) and ‘keftedes’ (meatballs) are other familiar offerings that children can also try without going too far from their comfort zone.

Sweet treats such as loukoumades (round fried dough with honey and nuts), thick Greek yoghurt with honey or creamy ice-cream will be snapped up by children and adults alike. For families who really love their food, Athens offers award-winning food tours where visitors can sample local delicacies such as sweet baklava and cream-filled bougatsa pastries. Learn about the Mediterranean diet and its health benefits as you get to know real Greek flavours in the tour around the city.