First time mum Amy Hopkins travelled from London to Normandy with her young daughter. Here, she shares her tips for a happy holiday with a baby.

A friend of mine refers to holidays with her kids as ‘anxiety abroad’, a phrase that played on my mind as I prepared to take my three-month-old daughter overseas for the first time. Now safely back, I’m pleased to report that, far from being an anxiety-fest, our first family holiday went surprisingly smoothly. Here’s what I learned about travelling with a tot:

1/11 Babies (especially under six months) are ideal candidates for travel

For a start, babies who aren’t crawling yet generally stay where you put them, which means no running around after them and no need to babyproof once you get to your destination. They’re also small enough not to mind whether their bed is at home or in a hotel room - as long as mum and dad are nearby for snuggles. Plus, they travel light (see no.6).