Fun foodie adventures for kids in the Dordogne Valley

Ryan Chart
29th December 2018

How do you get kids interested in food? Make food interesting. Or take them on a family holiday to the Dordogne Valley where nurturing a passion for all things edible starts young and the natural local larder is stuffed full to bursting with extraordinary local produce.

Throwing a bit of fun into the mix is the secret ingredient in this glorious area of South West France, and nobody knows that formula better than the culinary experts at Dordogne Valley Travel. Here’s their pick of five fun foodie adventures for families to give you a taste of how easy it is to convert kids into mini-gourmands in the deliciously exciting Dordogne Valley.

© Brigitte Beaudesson – Brive Tourisme

Kid-perfect food markets all over the Dordogne Valley

The ancient tradition of morning food markets is alive and well and flourishing in the Dordogne Valley. They’re a year-round fixture in almost every town and village, boosted by an incredible range of farmer’s markets during summer, and unbelievably cute festive markets selling all sorts of deliciousness in the run up to Christmas. Touring them all is a holiday in itself, and probably not one with masses of kid-appeal, so here are a few of the must-dos which effortlessly blend food and fun:

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