2/5 Free Active Clubs for kids from four to 16 in every resort

Free Active Clubs for kids from four to 16 are an Alpine Elements’ treat for parents in every resort. Take a bit of time for spa treatments, laze around and admire the view or head of on an adventure that’s just a bit too extreme for your precious children to try.

What you do with your free three hours every day, five days a week, is entirely up to you. All you need to know is the kids aren’t missing you one bit. They’re far too busy with good stuff like hiking expeditions, lake swimming, treasure hunts, beach sports, pool games, creative play, waterside picnics and hanging out with new holiday friends.  

Good to know

Alpine Elements' free Active Clubs run five days a week plus you get a free half day session for each of those five days.

For one or two-days-a-week, take part in 'Family Fun' days which allow parents to join sociable excursions with other families.

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