5 ways kids have fun exploring on holiday with Iberostar

Ryan Chart
26th October 2018

When planning a family holiday, there’s one important goal we all (especially our kids) have in mind: having fun! This philosophy is at the heart of an Iberostar holiday. Iberostar has more than 120 hotels and resorts in 18 countries – from the Caribbean to the Med and everywhere in between – and with their Star Camp children’s activity program, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts bring this fun to families with a formula that’s full of imagination. They combine entertainment with good values such as environmental awareness and the importance of teamwork and healthy habits.

There’s plenty of opportunity for the whole family to have fun together, but for when parents need a rest and kids do not have time to waste, Star Camp is there. With over 140 activities across three age groups – 4-7, 8-12 and 13-17 – you can have peace of mind that your little and not-so-little ones will have heaps of fun this holiday in their own dedicated space.

So sit back, relax and dream of a holiday that finally lets children and adults alike have everything they need and where kids can really have fun exploring…

5/5 ‘Fun is an attitude towards life’

Fun is at the centre of every activity in the Star Camp. From their arrival, kids are given the freedom to enter a world made of their own imagination. Who wants to sit in a hotel room when their own passport allows them to travel to different countries in a fantasy world? Every adventurer receives stamps as they participate in various activities, culminating in an award at the end of their stay so that they’ll always feel like part of the Star Camp family, even when they’re back at home.

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