10/11 Fond Doux Heritage Tour, Soufriere

This-fun packed tour educates kids about the island's vegetation and history. The 250 year old plantation, Fond Doux, is situated alongside cocoa groves where visitors are invited to participate in the process of making chocolate and even enjoy some traditional cocoa dancing! You’ll sample a variety of delicious organic fruits native to St Lucia, such as bananas, mangoes, love apples, guavas, star fruits and refreshing jelly coconuts, all picked by the Fond Doux Tarzans. During this experience, your guide will also show you the unique and varied bird life of the island and teach you how to call hummingbirds. After learning about St Lucia’s wildlife and farming you'll kick back in the sun on the beautiful plantation with some fresh mango. 

Price: Tour & snacks £19 per person; tour & lunch £30 per person

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