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2/7 Dunn’s River Falls and Park, Ocho Rios

You can’t visit Jamaica without climbing Dunn’s River Falls, it’s one of the island’s most iconic experiences, almost as famous as jerk chicken, slightly less well known internationally than Bob Marley, and basically a right of passage for teenagers.

The falls are always busy - that’s part of the fun – but they’re also enormous, so finding space in the lagoon-like pools to catch a breath is never an issue. The climb to the top is fairly strenuous, though more than doable for most older kids. Just leave plenty of time, since it’s pretty much impossible not to stop and stare constantly – the falls are as beautiful as they are thrilling, and they’re very thrilling.

Where: North east coast of Jamaica, 15 minutes drive west of Ocho Rios.

What: Experienced Falls Guides lead climbers up the waterfalls in a ‘human-chain’, pace is easy enough for older kids and teens, or you can simply sit and watch others do the work.

Cost: Admission and guided fall climb, from £12 per person.

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