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2/10  Waterfall Pool, Bávaro Adventure Park, Punta Cana

Bávaro Adventure Park is all natural, all outdoors and all about making the most of the Bávaro-Punta Cana region’s extraordinary, organic assets. Thrills are big, there’s masses of excitement, no shortage of white-knuckle action, but it’s all refreshingly free of the standard ride, chute and slide format.

The Waterfall Pool, right at the heart of the park, is a great example of Bávaro’s innovative style. A stunning lagoon, drenched with clear waterfalls, it’s incredible fun for older kids, soothing aqua-therapy for adults, and gentle enough to easily convert timid swimmers into bold little fish. There are wilder times to be had in the park, but for an easy-going slice of adventure, the pool’s perfect.

Where: Bávaro Adventure Park, Punta Cana, 20 minutes from Playa Blanca

Good to know: The 110 acre park is a completely natural environment, and all activities and attractions are carbon-neutral, low impact and energy efficient.

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