2/8  Cimboco Caribbean Café, Seven Mile Beach

It’s tricky to find a cooking style Grand Cayman doesn’t celebrate these days. But it wasn’t always so. Way back in the 1920s, anything that wasn’t produced locally was considered exotic, even plain flour. Then Comboco, the island’s first motorised ship, was launched; ingredients were imported from the big wide world and island eating changed forever. Cimboco Caribbean Café is a tribute to the boat that started a foodie revolution. But it’s also a true original right down to fresh baked Streusel Cake for breakfast, Island Style lunchtime sandwiches and always-worth-a-look daily dinner ‘specials’. Do not under any circumstance leave Grand Cayman without at least one Cimboco Weekend Brunch under your belt.

House specials: kid’s breakfast pizza or freshly made French Toast with whipped cream and syrup are perfect prep for a busy day on the beach.

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