Let Barbados revitalise you

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Top Family Adventures

Soft adventure tops the list with experiences from cave exploration to surfing and horseback riding.

Island safari tours

Combine fun, adventure, sightseeing and unforgettable exploration when you spend the day enjoying a land or sea safari tour. Explore the most beautiful places on this island paradise, journeying through natural gullies and remote bays.

Swimming with turtles

Throw perfect weather conditions, miles of coastline, crystal clear waters, pristine coral reefs and shipwrecks together, and you have what is doubtless the best Caribbean island for scuba diving and snorkelling amongst endangered sea turtles and tropical fish.

Hiking and walking trails

You’ll find some of the best walking tours in the world on Barbados, thanks to a stunning backdrop and the perfect climate. Discover lush landscape, flawless beaches, rich culture and fascinating history en route.

Wellness Activities

Heal your mind, body and soul with the warm touch of Barbadian white sands under your feet

Nature therapy

Book into a naturopathic centre and feel the stress falling away. The clinics and therapy centres on the island offer holistic health services which include acupuncture, reflexology, yoga and reiki.

Top class spas and gyms

Barbados has some of the most luxurious and best spa resorts in the world where you can rejuvenate in nutrient-rich plunge pools, indulge in a massage or hot tub experience, and receive the pampering you deserve. Ultramodern gyms complement world-class spa resorts.

Yoga and meditation

The yoga and meditation classes offered by many of the hotels and dedicated centres in Barbados are superb, offering the services of trained and experienced teachers in the fresh air and sunshine

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