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Barbados family holidays: fresh ideas to fall in love with

11th March 2021
Barbados family holidays

2/5 Barbados family holidays are famous for festivals

Think you know Caribbean celebrations? Nothing compares to the way they do festivals in Barbados. The island’s outrageously exciting Grand Kadooment in early August is hailed as one of the best festivals in the world. Between May and August, the Crop Over Festival doesn’t have an equal anywhere for its mix of colourful traditions, dusk-to-dawn parties, next level cooking and inclusive atmosphere – younger kids might be earlier to bed but Crop Over is definitely family-friendly, through and through.

Late October is when to catch the extraordinary Food and Rum Festival which packs in just about every eating experience you can imagine, brings together top Bajan chefs with international culinary icons and invites everyone – even kids – to eat, drink, be merry and do it all again and again for four days (and nights).

With over 60 festivals and events throughout the year, most Barbados family holidays manage to catch at least one. But, if miss one of the main events, don’t forget community festivals more than hold their own in the spectacle stakes and prove conclusively that the Bajan reputation for authentic warmth and friendliness is not an exaggeration.

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