2/11 Waderick Wells Cay

Be engulfed by a rainbow of fish (and rainbow parrotfish) at this nature reserve. Here you'll find one of the most amazing snorkelling spots in the world and catch sight of sharks, turtles, starfish and more. The Exumas Land and Sea Reserve has been crucial to the preservation of fish native to the Bahamas. For the best snorkelling spots, dock your boat at the visitor centre and take your dinghy out to Emerald Rock to snorkel by the buoys. On land, climb up Boo Boo Hill to see the blowholes and feel air shoot up from the rocks. On the beach outside the visitor centre, you can find the skeleton of a 65-foot sperm whale that died from swallowing plastic bags – an important reminder as to why reserves like this must exist. 

How to get there:

Waderick Wells Cay is the centre of the Exumas Land and Sea Park, so to enter you must go to the mooring area near the visitor's office and pay a mooring fee. You can only arrive by boat, so most people make this a stop during their stay at Staniel Cay since it is nearby.

Where to stay: 

There are no hotels on the island since it is a nature reserve, but you can easily find a hotel at neighbouring Staniel Cay.

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