A holiday is all about getting a different perspective on the world, but usually it’s only temporary. It might mean swapping the everyday routine of school and work for a week in a seaside resort, a ski chalet or a safari camp. But what if a holiday could have such an impact, especially on the kids, that it changed the way they see the world forever? Discover eight incredible holiday experiences that could set kids on the course they’ll follow for the rest of their lives.

1/8 Fuel their imaginations with extraordinary places

Stay in an airplane in the jungle, Costa Rica

Ready to be the coolest parent ever? Picture the kids' faces when they find out your 'hotel' is in fact a jumbo jet sticking out of the South American jungle. At Costa Verde in Costa Rica, a 1965 vintage Boeing 727 aircraft has been refurbished and transported to the Manuel Antonio National Park, creating one of the world’s most epic two-bedroom suites. The plane is supported by a concrete plinth that tucks 15 metres into the jungle canopy. Inside, it's all about luxury and the furnishings are made from hand-carved teak. You'll be fighting the kids over who gets the rear bedroom, which boasts a handcrafted deck on top of the plane wing.

Price: Two-bed suite approx. £313 a night.

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