It takes somewhere pretty special to persuade passionate Instagrammers to train the lens away from themselves, or their plates. Welcome to the Isle of Wight, island of views so captivating nothing else competes.

Here’s a countdown of the top ten most posted places, from Wightlink’s first view of Yarmouth Harbour to that last, lingering gaze over the Renaissance grandeur of palatial Osborne House.

10th place: Yarmouth Harbour

It would be easy to dismiss Yarmouth’s high ranking as inevitable: it’s where Wightlink's ferries dock, so over-excited first posts are a given. But, oddly enough, there are far more shots of the harbour’s fantastic nautical extravaganzas, luscious sunsets, lamp-lined pier, and quaint classic yachts, than ‘intro to Isle of Wight’ selfies. The flag bedecked sails on boats during the annual Old Gaffers Festival alone, guarantee this entry into the Instagram top ten.