3/13. The Fairy Fair


Image credit: Antony Kelly

Why Go?

The Fairy Fair is a day out where families can spend quality time reconnecting with nature. The festival’s mission is to introduce nature to children at an early age, and Norfolk’s charming Sennowe Park with its picturesque lake and lush groves, is just the playground for the fairies to frolic in.

Magical workshops, decorated tents and the woodland setting make for a blissful backdrop for the fair. As the storytellers weave their spell, there’s plenty of food and drink to go with the musical and arts entertainment. There’s puppet theatre, pantomimes, tales of gallant knights and even elf training! Maypole dancing and pirate games, anyone?

The Lowdown

Dates: 29 and 30 May, 2016

Location: Sennowe Park, Norfolk

Price: £10.00 per adult, under threes go free

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