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Frameless breaks all the rules and it’s turning kids into art lovers

Last updated 20th July 2023

Frameless might not be your first immersive art experience, but we have a feeling it will be the one you will measure all others on. If you haven’t been already, you won’t have experienced anything like Frameless, anywhere, ever.

At Frameless you become part of the art

Frameless moves art away from the traditional gallery experience. It’s a place where art breaks free from the frame and transforms it onto the walls, floors, and ceilings. It’s now the largest, permanent, multi-sensory art experience in the UK, and you’ll find it in the heart of Central London.

Spread across four galleries, the collection features 42 digital interpretations of works by 29 of the world’s most iconic artists. On the technical side, Frameless combines state-of-the-art projection, motion sensor technology and a bespoke soundtrack of classical and contemporary music delivered by surround sound technology.  All this paired with the expert curation makes you feel like you aren’t just looking at art anymore, you are part of the art.

We probably don’t need to tell you how keen kids are on this. Younger ones who don’t come with any preconception, simply step right into the wonder. But for older children, the usual “look but don’t touch” rules aren’t in play, so this is another type of wonder altogether. Welcome the new rules, lie down, live the art, listen to the music. Then go on, enjoy the space and just be yourself.

Not only is Frameless a lot of fun, it’s also an incredible learning experience for kids. And if you know your way around the art world, this multisensory experience is another thing entirely. Come with an open mind and you’ll be as captivated as your kids.


Becoming part of the art, Frameless

Art, but not as you know it

Suspend belief and everything you think you know about museums. You can now embark on a journey through four spectacular galleries, from dreamlike surrealism to the revolutionary puzzle of abstract art.

On the way, kids will discover fantastical jungles. They’ll enter gardens that definitely aren’t what they seem (thank you Hieronymus Bosch). There’s a chance to feel as Monet felt when he first saw those waterlilies, while freedom to wander is also part of the adventure. Kids can lose themselves in the colour, shape and form created by the likes of Kandinsky, stand in the fiery heat of Vesuvius or even lie down and dream on Canaletto’s Piazza Di San Marco.


Beyond Reality, Garden of Earthly Delights

Beyond Reality: surreal Frameless experience

Surreal, otherworldly and dreamlike, the artworks in this gallery will allow you to travel beyond the boundaries of reality. Being drenched in the vivid shapes and lustre of Klimt as you walk into The Tree of Life is unimaginably exciting. Every child will also be thoroughly fascinated by an up close encounter with Dalí’s melting clocks.


Interacting with Delaunay, Colour in Motion

Colour in Motion: the one children love most

Kids aren’t at all self-conscious about art appreciation, they like what they like. And there’s no doubt about how much they’d like Colour in Motion. It’s the gallery where motion tracking technology lets them interact, create as they move, throw swatches of paint at the walls, and literally become part of the art. Play amongst the masterpieces of Monet, Van Gogh and Seurat like never before.


Rembrandt, The World Around Us, Frameless

The World Around Us: get lost in land and seascapes like never before

The chance to drop into Venice and stroll round the Piazza Di San Marco might be more of a grown-up vibe, yet Vesuvius in Eruption could have been created with kids in mind. This entire vivid and moving gallery touches on so much, you should be prepared to be amazed. It recently added three new works, so now’s probably a good time to mention that Frameless is always growing and no two visits are ever the same.


Mondrian, The Art of Abstraction, Frameless

The Art of Abstraction: puzzle through the art maze

The Art of Abstraction, wholly absorbing, delightfully disconcerting and gently adventurous, it’s the gallery where you should just give in and go with the flow. Expect younger kids to be wide-eyed at the colours, slightly older ones love the puzzle element and the provocation inherent in abstraction will definitely appeal to teens.


The intense gaze of Van Gogh, Frameless

A full day out at Frameless

The Frameless Gift Shop is extraordinary. Instead of the usual thrown together merch, it’s clearly been curated to go alongside the galleries themselves. You can look forward to a wide range of art books and art materials, intriguing gifts for kids and work by local artists and craftworkers. The collection is constantly evolving, so it’s always fresh. And if you drop in before you visit the galleries you can pick up a guide and a children’s activity pack.

Last but not least, the Frameless Café Bar has clearly put a lot of thought into getting food right for its younger visitors too, so you’ll find plenty of healthy options. A lovely calming space to take five after the adventures of the galleries.

Plan your visit to Frameless

How to get there

Find Frameless near Marble Arch, junction of Oxford Street, Mayfair and Hyde Park

Nearest Tube Station is Marble Arch

When to go

Frameless is open weekdays from 10am to 6pm, and from 10am to 9pm on weekends and holidays.


Frameless is wheelchair accessible and has lifts to all floors.

Although there is no strobe lighting, moving images and light changes may affect some visitors. Music is playing in all four galleries and can peak above 85 decibels. Ear defenders are available for young children, just ask a member of staff.

Accessible and Chilled sessions are also available for families who find busy public events challenging. These include Chilled, BSL and Audio Described sessions.

Ticket prices

Adult tickets from £25, children’s tickets (3-17 years) from £15. Kids under 3 go free.

Find out more about Frameless and book your tickets