Tired of Disney? Can’t bear the idea of another character breakfast? Had just about enough of the Caribbean? Never want to see Southampton again? Here are eight world cruises that defy description, exceed all expectation and have exceptional covered from Greenland to The Galapagos.


1/8  Arctic Safari with WWF Canada

Here’s something you might not know about Greenland: according to legend, one of the coldest places on earth was deceptively named to con 19th century tourists into visiting.

No tricks are needed these days. Turns out icebergs, ice fjords and frozen straits are big ticket attractions. Then there’s local wildlife like polar bears, whales, seals, musk ox, albatross, sea eagles and walrus; ancient Inuit culture and more than a hint of history too.

Cruising from Broughton Island AKA Qikiqtarjuaq to Resolute Bay takes a full 10 days on Ocean Endeavour. The holiday’s hosted by WWF Canada and the ship has 20 Zodiacs on-board for extra exploring potential.

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