10 astounding activities in Philadelphia

Lucy Pares
25th May 2017


4/10  Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Benches

From the venerable Founding Fathers to just-as-good-as-they-say Philly Cheesesteaks, Philadelphians are proud of their heritage.

They’re also passionate about keeping the past lively and relevant, so don’t be surprised when you spot authentically clad reenactors strolling the streets.

18th century Quakers and Civil War soldiers might not make a blip on a young kid’s radar. But, find a seat on one of the city’s Storytelling Benches and enthralled is always the response you get. Spread in and around Independence National Historic Park, there are 13 benches in total and each has a Once Upon A Nation weaver of historic tales in permanent residence. The stories come in all sizes and they’re free.

Find out more about Storytelling Benches in Independence National Historical Park

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