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10 astounding activities in Philadelphia

Lucy Pares
25th May 2017


3/10  The Franklin Institute

The most visited museum in Pennsylvania, The Franklin Institute, is over 190 years old. Science is the main theme, obviously, and there’s more than a nod to the electrifying kite-flyer and master of invention, Benjamin Franklin himself. But if you’re imagining stuffy exhibits, think again. Interactive and incredible, best describes each of the museum’s 10 individual galleries, while walking into the center of a giant human heart is just one of the many extraordinary experiences in store.

Kids can explore virtual reality with mind-bending optics and visit Sir Isaac’s Loft to see a lighter side of Newton. Stargazers will love the rooftop Observatory. Little engineers can hop on board in The Train Factory. And summer 2017 sees the opening of the Mirror Maze: a 17,000 square feet puzzle of dazzling reflections designed to engage kids with nature’s astonishing patterns from seed pods to constellations.

Find out more about Mirror Maze at The Franklin Institute

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