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Clothing for Kids Overseas

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Linda McLean has your answers on finding top fashion for your kids while abroad.

Great children’s fashion can be hard to find but Scandinavia is booming with it. Where are the best places to find cool clothes for the little ones on holiday there?


The current darling of the fashion world is Scandinavia. Visit any Nordic city and a browse through its kids’ designer labels will show just how cool children’s fashion is out there. My favourite store in Copenhagen is Illum, where an entire floor is devoted to labels such as Soft Gallery, Mini Rodini and Katvig; and the top floor is full of the best in Scandi interior design for kids and adults. There is a sister store, Illums Boglihus, which pretty much offers the entire history of Danish mid-century modern design in one place. It’s not to be missed if you are visiting the city with or without your kids.

– Linda McLean
Fashion editor at Family Traveller