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Why the stunning Seychelles is your perfect multi gen family holiday destination

Last updated 24th May 2024

Choosing a perfect a multi gen holiday destination is a bit of a balancing act. But we think The Seychelles Islands might just be the harmony you have in mind.


Grande Soeur Beach, Seychelles © Torsten Dickmann

The Seychelles is warm, sunny and easy to reach year round

Haven’t considered The Seychelles Islands as a multi gen holiday destination before? It’s easier to get to than you imagine – just over a 7 hour flight from Singapore. The weather is wonderful, a given when you sit just a few degrees south of the equator. Year-round temperatures average in at about 30°, with the water a slightly cooler 26°. And even during rainy season you can expect occasional tropical showers rather than monsoons. Yet the Seychelles still doesn’t involve long journeys for three generations of one family,


Ste. Anne Island, Seychelles

An uncrowded and family friendly multi gen holiday destination

Another great misconception about the Seychelles, which may have kept it off your multi gen wish list until now, is the country’s reputation for romance.

It would be wrong to deny that it is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations, and there’s no doubt the beaches invite sunset gazing and dreamy strolling. But romantic visitors are far outnumbered by outdoor adventurers, divers, sailors and very much by families.

Bikes are more common than cars on the islands

Although it’s fair to say that the Seychelles’ tourist numbers are pleasantly low all round: one thing you won’t ever find here is a crowd.

What you will find is beautiful, unspoiled islands where kids won’t believe how much freedom you happily allow them to have.

Bikes are more common than cars in many places. Poisonous plants and dangerous animals are non-existent in the Seychelles, and as far as atmosphere goes, few countries in the world are friendlier and more genuinely welcoming.


Traditional Creole culture thrives in the Seychelles

The something for everyone island country

Something for everyone seems a big ask from a multi gen holiday destination, but the Seychelles doesn’t demand too much compromise.

It’s outdoorsy, yet also has a rich history – traditional Creole culture is fascinating, and very much alive.

Few places make island hopping as easy as the Seychelles

Nowhere else in the Indian Ocean does island hopping so easily: there are 115 islands in the archipelago and a surprising number are accessible.

Then, beaches everywhere invite water sports, diving, snorkelling, kayaking or swimming. Although the Seychelles does beach, book and long cool drink days beautifully too.

And if you want to spot wildlife, birdwatch or explore nature, you’ll find over 1,000 species of flora and fauna thriving here, more than enough to justify quite a few family holidays.


Diving round coral reefs, the Seychelles

A hint of why the Seychelles is all round amazing

  • Visit Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island. One of earth’s smallest World Heritage sites, unbelievably beautiful and home to giant coco de mer palms.
  • Hike Morne Blanc in Mahé. It’s not the country’s highest peak. But there’s a walking trail to the top and views are spectacular.
  • Explore Veuve Special Reserve on La Digue. A stunning natural landscape, dedicated to protecting the Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher.
  • Go island hopping to discover everything from historic homes and pirate graves to giant Aldabra Tortoise.
  • Have a day in the city. Victoria is the lively Seychelles’ capital and it’s historic, authentically Creole, great for shopping and easy to see at your own pace.
  • Visit the Traditional Creole Village and see the culture come to life.
  • The Seychelles knows its stuff on the wellness front. Pick any resort spa for an hour or more and you’ll be completely won over.
  • Try forest ziplining, semi-submarine or diving. Take scuba lessons. Fish in record-breaking waters. Trek well marked trails, even with younger kids.
  • Sail to Curieuse Island to see over 200 Aldabra tortoise. Snorkel the coral reef off off St Pierre or Ile Cocos Marine Park or visit Aride Island for astonishing seabird colonies.
  • Kayaking the remarkable wetlands of Mahé with expert local guides is an unforgettable family holiday adventure.
  • Go on a guided tour – there are lots to choose from – and you can relax and let someone else keep everyone happy.

See what else makes the Seychelles a great multi gen holiday destination


Stunning traditional villa, Seychelles

Seychelles luxury stays from five star resorts to heritage villas

Choosing where to stay can lead to quite heated conversations at the multi gen holiday planning stage. The Seychelles is very good at calming those down, not least of all because it offers families so much choice.

Most resorts have excellent family rates and many specialise in larger rooms and suites, interconnecting rooms or even family villas or apartments. Kids’ clubs are another resort advantage and they’re seldom less than fantastic. Plus, almost all resorts in the Seychelles have luxurious spas – never underestimate the need for some quiet me-time on a multi gen holiday.

Explore places to stay on a multi gen holiday in the Seychelles

Self catering is another good option. From heritage homes to beachfront villas, it’s widely available across the main islands. Guesthouses or smaller hotels let you experience local culture and very often, exceptional Creole home cooking. And if your multi gen dreams include private island resorts, you’ll find those in the Seychelles too.


There’s a perfect Seychelles Island for your family

Choose the ideal island for an unforgettable holiday

The Seychelles is a widespread archipelago, but the four closely connected main islands are where most families choose to stay.

  • Mahé is the main island, home to the city of Victoria and the airport, and a perfect family holiday base. As well as 65 beaches, you’ll find five star resorts, pretty villages, wonderful walking trails and you’re well connected to the rest of the Seychelles.
  • Praslin is the second largest island and famous for Vallée de Mai and Anse Lazio: often described as the most beautiful beach on earth. Luxury resorts here include Raffles Praslin and Lémuria Resort, which has an 18-hole golf course.

Have a quick hop round all the lovely Seychelles islands 

  • Choose La Digue for the most authentic Seychelles’ experience. The beaches are stunning – Anse la Source d’Argent is here. Cycling is preferred to driving, which kids love. And again, it’s a good hopping off point for other islands.
  • Silhouette is simply gorgeous and if walking is high on your holiday agenda, this is the island to pick. Incredible family resorts are another signature and this is a good choice if well-connected escapism is what you’re after.

Now visit The Seychelles Islands to find out more about planning your multi-gen family holiday