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All the great reasons children really love family holidays in the Seychelles

Last updated 24th May 2024

Seychelles family holidays are an enormous adventure for kids. Now discover all the exciting activities in The Seychelles Islands that are made for children. You’ll be surprised.


Spending time together on Seychelles family holidays

There’s a lot to love about Seychelles family holidays

There’s a lot to love about The Seychelles Islands, full stop. It’s one of earth’s most beautiful archipelagos and kept that way thanks to an extraordinary commitment to conservation: over 50% of the country’s land and ocean is protected.

There are never any crowds. It’s just south of the equator, and the weather is wonderful most of the year.

Kids will be amazed by how much there is to do

Kids love the freedom here – not to mention the giant Aldabra tortoises. And parents are almost always amazed by just how much there is to see and do.

Everything from ziplining and island hopping to scuba diving and snorkelling fits into Seychelles family holidays. Even resort kids’ clubs here are incredibly imaginative, outdoorsy and big on sharing local culture. So if you’re still thinking ‘honeymoon islands’, just take a look at why kids fall head over heels for the Seychelles.


Vallée de Mai, Praslin Island

Vallée de Mai is an unforgettable experience for children

Visit Vallée de Mai and you quickly understand why it was once thought to be the Garden of Eden. The truth’s possibly more exciting, especially to kids. Because Vallée de Mai is where the largest nut on earth grows in a forest of enormous Coco de Mer palms.

It’s also one of the smallest natural UNESCO World Heritage sites which means astonishingly lovely, unspoiled and easy to explore. Trails are well marked. You can set your own pace. And the promise of seeing vast Coco de Mer nuts is thrilling.

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Blue Safari, Ile Alphonse, Seychelles

Island hopping on Seychelles family holidays

The Seychelles has one of the best island hopping experience in the Indian Ocean. And so many islands are accessible to families and unforgettable adventures for kids. You’ll find unbelievable castaway islands. And of course there are several where you may just want to stay all holiday long. But even more invite you for the day and getting to them is as much fun as arriving.

A few islands you don’t want to miss

  • Try Moyenne Island for pirate tales and sensational snorkelling.
  • Go cycling round gentle and lovely La Digue.
  • Visit Curieuse for its big population of giant Aldabra tortoises and Curieuse Marine National Park: a sanctuary for a number of spectacular marine species.
  • Hop to Mahé and get to know the Seychelles’ capital, Victoria.
  • Go see amazing granite St. Pierre island – it’s another snorkelling great.
  • Cousine Island is a wildlife wonder, famous for sea birds and nesting sea turtles.

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Sea turtle, Seychelles

Kids love on, over and underwater adventures in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an iconic archipelago: beautiful, conservation conscious and populated by some of the world’s most remarkable creatures.

It’s also in the Indian Ocean. Balmy water temperatures mean snorkelling expeditions can last for hours. Semi-submarines let families explore underwater without getting wet at all. There are spectacular places to swim. Totally transparent kayaks to sail. And it’s a world leader when it comes to diving. So if kids are keen to learn, this is the perfect place to start.

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Hiking to Anse Marron, La Digue, Seychelles

Seychelles walking trails are made for families

Seychelles family holidays practically invented the concept of Indian Ocean walkations. And as you’d expect, somewhere as natural and unspoiled as this does have plenty of hikes that are more like expeditions. But there are also  paths and trails which are ideal for family walks and even just a gentle stroll with younger kids.

Hike to the top of Morne Blanc with teens

If you’re on holiday with teenagers, a hike to the top of Morne Blanc on Mahé is an unmissable adventure. The well marked trail takes in everything from plantations to spectacular cliffs. Wildlife is a constant companion on route. Listen out for Gardiner Frogs, at only a centimetre long they’re the world’s smallest, but compensate by being very loud. And the views from the summit are just spectacular.

Younger kids love the Anse Major trail

Younger kids don’t have to miss out on hiking adventures. The Anse Major trail on Mahé is a lovely coastal walk walk leading to a stunning beach, and easy enough for most little legs.

When it comes to adventure, something new for the whole family, White Sands Adventures offer kayaking in unique high-biodiversity wetlands on Mahé, with off-road tropical 4×4 adventures to vantage points, waterfalls and unique trails.

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Forest ziplining, Mahé, Seychelles

Add forest ziplining into Seychelles family holidays

It’s tempting to spend every minute of Seychelles family holidays on the beach or in the water. That’s before kids discover ziplining.

The amazing forests on the north west coast of Mahé are naturally designed for high flying adventures. Just add ziplines ranging from 85 to 120 metres long. Eight lines in all sail through the treetops here, they soar over immense granite boulders, come good on stunning views and mostly always run under a flawless blue sky.

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Giant Aldabra Tortoise, Seychelles family holidays

Get up close to wildlife all over the Seychelles

If you need a hint of how remarkable the wildlife is in the Seychelles, just take a look around.

Apart from 13 species of birds found nowhere else in the world, the country’s home to giant Aldabra tortoise, incredible marine life is in permanent residence, and several species of sea turtles nest here too.

Wonderful creatures are easy to meet all the time

Wonderful creatures live in places as easy to reach as the Botanical Gardens or the Biodiversity Centre. And there’s even an entire reserve dedicated to protecting a single rare bird species.

  • Visit Veuve Special Reserve on La Digue to see Black Paradise Flycatchers.
  • Sail to Aride Island Special Reserve for amazing colonies of seabirds.
  • Curieuse is the island for hundreds of Aldabra tortoise.
  • Meet fruit bats and Gardiner frogs in Seychelles National Botanical Garden.
  • Snorkel with wonderful marine creatures off Cerf Island in the Ste Anne Marine National Park.

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La Digue island, Seychelles family holidays

Beaches are everywhere on Seychelles family holidays

The Seychelles has more beaches than you’ll ever see in one holiday – Mahé alone has 65 paradise stretches of white sand.

Find your perfect family beach in the Seychelles

Legends like Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue are instantly recognisable. But take a forest trek with kids on Mahé and little known beauties like Anse Capucins reward your efforts.

Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette on Praslin are other beaches worth a journey.  And if you want wild, head for Anse Cocos on La Digue or for Anse Lascar on Silhouette: one of only a few named beaches on the island and wonderful to explore with older kids.

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